“Scrooge” card delivered to Council Leader

Striking Home Care workers declared Council leader Ian Ward a “Scrooge” for his attitude to Home Care workers who are continuing to try to get the message over that they are being treated badly by a Council who wants to cut their pay and hours. They marched to the Council House today (11/12/18) to deliver their message. Meanwhile the Council continues to ignore their reasonable demands and they have decided in a recent ballot with a turn out of more than 70% to continue their strike. Plans are bring made to highlight their concerns in a more political way. 

One striker wrote on the card 

“Dear Ian Ward, thanks for all the stress you’re giving us! Hope you sleep well at night for what you’re doing to us! Merry Christmas!! While you’re sat cosy around you’re Christmas tree, we’re worried about money and our jobs. After 26 years of working for the council missing Christmas & New Year with my children & family. Thnaks for your appreciation NOT!  PS: Shame on you for how you’re treating older people aswell”