Rouse Ye Women – International Women’s Day Event

The Branch’s Women’s Group recently attended Rouse Ye Women for International Women’s Day at The Mac.

The event was opened by poet and performance artist Tannyy Tizzle who performed 4 pieces. Ann Wackett from Momentum spoke among other things in support of the Birmingham Homecare Workers. She felt their story was so inspired by their resolve that she cut short her own speech to allow Mandy Buckley (Senior Steward for Birmingham Branch) to update the attendees on the ongoing dispute.

A member sent this review:
“I had the pleasure of seeing the play last night as part of Women’s International Day and organised by Rose Brown, NEC, Unison. It was very moving but my thoughts turned to the Home Carers who have been striking for 60 + days now for their basic rights.

The oppressor in the play reminds me of the tactics of the current Leader of the City Council and their unfair scaremongering tactics to privatise home carer jobs.

40% of the Home Carers have left the service. BCC changed their shift patterns, with many of these women having to look after children at school and on their own so it was impossible for them to find childcare.

The remainder stand firm and hope to retain a living wage and work-life balance. If BCC succeed our loved ones with Dementia etc. would have to pay £200+ per week for this entitlement. Due to the support of UNISON and donations the Home Carers have been able to “stick it out” for the long haul. Just like Mary Macarthur (1880-1921), Mandy Buckley with the backing of UNISON was able to strengthen these women.

Some of these women had never left Birmingham, but now are travelling up and down the country rallying support and giving speeches. Rouse Ye Women!”

The Home Care Workers are still fighting for a wage they can live on and for the hours that they work. The battle is ongoing for these low paid women workers with the full support of the Branch.

Please look out for more Women’s Group events in the near future.