UNISON’s Proposal for the 2020 NJC Pay Claim Agreed

The UNISON NJC Committee met on June 11th to consider feedback on its recommendation for the 2020/21 NJC pay claim.  The Committee had consulted members via branches on the following proposal:

10% or £10 per hour minimum hourly rate on all pay points, whichever is greater

There was 94% support for the Committee’s recommendation and it was agreed to take this forward as UNISON’s proposal for the claim for discussion with the other NJC unions. GMB and Unite are currently consulting their members on options for the claim.

The Trade Union Side claim will be finalised next month.

Contact: Gill Archer on 020 7121 5340, e-mail g.archer@unison.co.uk OR James Bull, on 020 7121 5449, e-mail j.bull2@unison.co.uk