Health and Safety Updates

Health and Safety is vital for a happy workplace, our Health and Safety Officer regularly raises issues to make sure that our workplaces are as all safe as they can be. See below the latest updates:

Hockley Day Centre

Abdul, our Health and Safety Officer recently had concerns raised to him from a Steward in Hockley Day Care Centre regarding issues with the dining room chairs.
Abdul sent an email to Senior Management to action a change as a matter of urgency, on Friday 28th July. Today the Steward from Hockley Day Care centre has responded to say that a manager has just informed him that they will purchasing new chairs for the dining room.
This is great news for the staff at Hockley Day Centre!

Lancaster Circus

Abdul has agreed with building management to have the barriers for the car park at Lancaster Circus to be open after 3pm everyday where BCC staff can park for free until 7am.
After meeting with management at Lancaster Police Control, the CCTV camera that had been installed was removed from the control room due to complaints from our members with it being in their working environment.

Lifford House

Concerns were raised at Lifford House regarding inappropriate and dangerous parking. Talks are still ongoing with management for measures to be put in place to prevent/stop this issue.

If you have any Health and Safety concerns in your workplace please contact Abdul on