Baxendale quits!

Dawn Baxendale Chief Executive for the Council is to leave her high paying £210,000 a year post after being appointed ,just 16 months ago. She said in a statement that she’s taking up a job in Christchurch New Zealand as she’s wanted to live there for a long time.

Whether employees will miss her “weekly updates” is a matter of speculation, but she has sought to keep employees up to speed with developments she wanted them to know about..

Council leader Ian Ward has announced that a replacement will be sought soon.

The departure follows the announcement that the authority is embarking on the next stage of its improvement programme in a bid to avoid a full government intervention.

Whilst Ms Baxendale said she had made progress and a lot of positive steps the Birmingham Mail pointed out that the Council still had a long way to go in improvements.

The Improvement panel reported in April this year that the Council is in “denial, defensiveness and push-back about the extent of its problems, risks and challenges” .

It criticised the lack of improvement in its’ waste services and the cost of the recent Bin strikes.

It also criticised the raising of money to fund the Council’s contribution towards the Commonwealth Games and perhaps more damming Birmingham as a whole is getting richer, but too many people aren’t sharing in the benefit of this.