Your Vote Matters

Are you registered to vote?

You’ve heard the saying “you’ve got to be in it to win it” and it couldn’t be more true with regards to elections.

If you care about public services, the elderly, disabled people, our schools, make sure you are registered to vote and use it on the day.
To be able to vote in the general election register by 5pm on 26th November 2019.

Register to vote here

You can also download the form to apply for a postal vote here

A General Election has been called for the 12th December, it may be dark, dreary and cold but it’s important that you are registered and head out to vote. If you are unable to head out to a polling station on that date you can register for a postal vote – meaning there really is no excuse not to vote in this December election.

Remember that your vote matters, for the future of this country – the disabled, those using food banks, the working class, those in education and the elderly. Use your vote wisely this December.