WASPI Women get Corbyn’s support.

Birmingham Branch have supported the case for WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) for some time. Women who received no notice were suddenly forced to wait up to six years longer to retire and suffered financially because of this.

The WASPI Women lost their court case recently, so Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced if Labour win the General Election the WASPI Women will be compensated.

Corbyn said “it is a moral debt we owe” and added “one of the greatest injustices has been for women born in the 1950s who had their increase in the pension age accelerated without proper notice. We will correct this injustice and return the money stolen to them.”

He stated that to do this Labour will borrow to do a one off payment. Figures suggested are  £58 billion  and that individual payments may be up to around £31,000.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies, which looks at the costings in party manifestos has suggested that Labour did not include this in theirs.

On BBC Question Time asked about this issue Boris Johnson said:

“We have looked at it and looked at it and I would love to magic you a solution but it is very expensive to come up with the solution that you want. And I’m going to be honest with you tonight, I cannot promise that I can magic up that money for you tonight.
All of the demands that the WASPI women make. We’re going to look at it but it is not possible to satisfy all the demands of the WASPI women. I’m going to put my hands up and confess that.”

However, it is a cause that Jeremy Corbyn feels passionately about putting right.