Branch Officer shares the stage with Jeremy Corbyn

Unison officer Carol Garfield appeared on stage with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn last week.  Last Thursday night (05/ 12) he appeared at the Custard factory in Digbeth as part of his Election tour.


He brought along Labour rising star and touted future leadership contender Angela Rayner (Shadow Education Secretary) in a speech that focused on schools and education., including the cuts and conditions that are faced by many of them.

(above: Carol Garfield speaking, with Angela Rayner on the right)

Birmingham Branch Schools officer Carol Garfield  spoke about the issues: restructures, redundancies, reduction of hours; schools closing early on a Friday; lack of resources and above average class sizes that are faced by school support staff in Birmingham due to funding cuts.

She also said:

“I want a Labour Government to right the wrongs of the Tories and Coalition Govts; I want a Labour Govt so we can have smaller class sizes, more teachers and no more crumbling schools; But most of all I want a Labour govt so our kids can have the care and education that they need; that they are entitled to; that they deserve”

She also spoke to Jeremy Corbyn  off stage and the event was full of press and had a large audience.