Women’s Self Organised Group – Gong Bath Meditation

Lie down in a candlelit room with a snug blanket and pillow whilst the gongs sounds and vibrations wash through and over you. This truly beautiful experience is like no other and will take you on a wonderful journey to your inner peace.
Releasing stress and tension leaving you feeling blissfully at peace in body and mind.

18th March 2020
The McLaren Building, 46 The Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 7LR

Please note that due to the strong vibrations of the gongs at times it is not suitable for pregnant women, epileptics, people fitted with pacemaker, if you have large metal plates in your body and it may interfere with some hearing aids.

Please bring warm blankets and a pillow. Your body temperature will drop during a gong bath. Being warm and comfy is key for full enjoyment of a gong bath. Also you may wish to bring an eye blanket/flannel.

Yoga mats will be provided but please feel free to bring something comfy lie on.

There are limited spaces for this session so please contact Mandy Buckley for a place on: Mandy.Buckley@birminghamunison.co.uk.