Disability Rights UK Shielding Survey

Disability Rights UK completed a shielding survey,  which revealed a huge sense of lack of safety and neglect for disabled people during this pandemic.

“Eighty-five per cent of people shielding feel unsafe going outside since the relaxing of lockdown rules on 1 June, according to a new survey by DR UK.

Only two-fifths of people shielding from Coronavirus havek had the confidence to leave home since the regulations around shielding were eased.

Most people who left their home did so by themselves or with a family member, although some took the opportunity to meet someone outside their household following social distancing advice.

There was a very low level of reported trust in the government’s advice on shielding. Only 15% of people reported they trusted the government’s advice, and only 13% thought the government was following the best available scientific advice on shielding.”

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