Facing Present Day Racism

See below snippet from an article in The Guardian published 11th June 2020. It is an interesting read, and encourages us to face things we would not have necessarily fully thought about before. It discusses toppling the statues of oppressors and slave traders who are long since gone, and have no place to be displayed on our streets in a modern world.

Toppling statues of bygone tyrants forces British people to face present-day racism

“Britain has whitewashed its history of slavery and imperialism for too long – as the statues fall, another story is emerging”

“History is not being erased by those seeking to topple the statues of slavers and murderous white supremacists; it is being remembered. That is the real sin as far as the protesters’ detractors are concerned. They understandably fear what will happen if historical atrocities committed by the British state enter wider public consciousness.

Their political worldview is founded on British exceptionalism, which relies on a whitewashed history of benevolence, tolerance and enlightened values – this is now under threat. They know, too, that if the crimes of the past are widely acknowledged, then it will empower demands to address the consequences: today’s entrenched racial injustices.

Political struggles have long been rooted in contested claims about the past, and this is no exception; the backlash is not really about an assault on our cultural heritage, but about the potential to re-imagine today’s Britain.”

See the full article from Owen Jones over on The Guardian.

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