Regional Black Members Online Meeting

The Regional Black members Self organised group are calling a online meeting to discuss two important and current topics:


The agenda:

  1. Welcome
  2. Speaker – Ravi Subramanian, West Midlands Regional Secretary
  3. The Covid 19 pandemic
  4. The death of George Floyd

This meeting will be structured in such a way that every participant gets an opportunity to speak on both of the key topics and in order to do this we are asking you four questions:

  1. What should the union be doing about the issue Nationally?
  2. What should the West Midlands Region be doing about the Issue?
  3. What should your branch Branch be doing about the issue?
  4. What are you going to do about the issue personally?

Each participant will be asked to answer these questions in turn about each of the topics. So each participant in the meeting has the opportunity to speak please keep your answers as concise as you can.

In order to understand who would like to be involved in this event please RSVP to