Solidarity with the West Midlands WASPI Women

UNISON Birmingham Branch support all West Midlands WASPI groups in their proposal to give 1950’s born women early access to their pensions. This will help the economy, vacate jobs and enable them to spend on the high street.

Women Against State Pension Injustice

UNISON extends solidarity to Women in pensions appeal hearing

Court of Appeal will decide on lost pensions for women born in the 1950s

From the National UNISON website:

UNISON is sending a message of solidarity and support to women born in the 1950s in their judicial review appeal hearing against pension injustice this week.

UNISON – the UK’s largest trade union, which represents over one million women – sends the message of support and solidarity to affected women, many of whom are members.

UNISON was the first union to support the cause of pension justice for women born in the 1950s and denied their state pension at the age of 60.

It is estimated that 3.8m have had to wait up to six years longer to receive the state pension.

UNISON members (pictured above) have played a leading role in this campaign for justice. The Backto60 campaign lost the first hurdle of the case in the High Court in October 2019, but was granted the right to appeal on all grounds to the Court of Appeal.

The union’s national secretary for equalities, Gloria Mills, said: “1950s-born women deserve full restitution of their state pension.

“Many women have lost their jobs and income and are living in destitution and poverty. The state pension is their only security. We wish them every success with their appeal.”