Wanted: Your Lockdown Diaries

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We are looking for members who want to share their stories and experiences of working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and Quarantine for some blog posts. We are especially wanting a few ‘a day in the life of…..’ stories to really capture what life has been like for you. We would like members from all across Birmingham City Council, Schools, the Children’s Trust and the Private Sector to contribute to this.

We want to hear about your experiences:

  • What has working life been like during this time?
  • What support have you had? (from management)
  • Has social distancing been possible in your job?
  • Have you had PPE?
  • Has your work life balance been affected?
  • How much has your role changed since lockdown?
  • How has it affected your mental health?
  • How has the virus affected your daily actions and interactions?
  • And anything else you’d like to share in a post

These posts can be completely anonymous. Members names and workplaces do not need to be reflected in the posts.

The hope is that your stories will reach your colleagues across all our services, and those outside of them too. So people can understand what it has been like working during this time, while many people have been furloughed.  We all know how hard it has been keeping services going so we want to share from your perspectives what it has been and is still like.

To have a chat and discuss a post, please email the Branch Communications Officers, Nicola Moran or James Burnett on: