New Lifelong Learning Project

Firstly, Christmas Greetings to people of all faith and no faith. May you and your families stay safe and well. Lifelong Learning may not be the most important item on our/your agenda currently, but we have been trying to offer some of our learning programmes throughout this year, in spite of the obvious difficulties.

UNISON will continue with online courses via the West
Midlands Region. Additionally, Birmingham Branch will
be offering a unique accredited course in Personal
Development and Wellbeing.

This course is a blend of person-centred learning and action learning that is free to UNISON members. This is accredited by The Global
University of Lifelong Learning, a not for profit International organisation.

What better way to start your learning journey in 2021?

This course has been developed so that it can be safely delivered at home. It does not involve any physical meetings.

How does it work?

For Certificate Level:

– Identify your own learning needs.
– Select one of these to develop (this does not
have to be work related.)
– Commence action learning ‘by doing’ from
home, in a way that you choose. This can
involve practical activities.
– Work with a mentor of your choice.
– Keep a diary of your progress.
– Select a method of reporting that is accessible
and suits you. e.g. script, video, mind map.
– Report your progress weekly and monthly for
two months for completion at certificate level
(about 10 weeks).

You may wish to progress to Diploma or Degree level.

To enrol please contact Donald McCombie UNISON
Birmingham Branch Lifelong Learning Coordinator or call

This course is unique to Birmingham Branch and
entirely free.