Covid-19 Staff Guidance (BCC)

The Covid-19 staff guidance for Birmingham City Council employees has been updated and staff need to be aware how this might impact on them, their staff and/or service area.

Where an employee confirms that they have a COVID-related sickness absence or are in self-isolation, it is the line manager’s responsibility to ensure that the HR/Payroll system is up-dated with the correct absence or leave type in all cases.

The COVID-19 Staff Guidance can be found on the Birmingham City Council website, accessed via the intranet using the following link:

Covid 19 Staff Guidance (BCC only)



Key points to note (quoted from BCC):

Critical services

There are no changes to the provision of critical services due to the national lockdown.

Shielding – Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) employees

Where an employee is Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and instructed to shield due to the new National Lockdown, and is unable to undertake their job role from home, they might be able to undertake alternative duties or take up an alternative role. They should discuss their options with their line manager. Further information on shielding can be found here on the intranet. If CEV employees are unable to do their job from home or undertake alternative duties or roles from home, they should not attend work for this period of restrictions and they should record this period of special leave under the category ‘self-isolating without symptoms’, this will not count towards their sickness absence record.

Absence and leave recording

It is crucial that employee absence and leave HR records are kept up-to-date by line managers, and, in addition, that positive COVID-19 cases are reported to, whether the employee is fit to work or not.

For the correct recording and reporting procedures for absence related to COVID-19, please refer to the ‘Self-Isolation Guidance’ on the COVID-19 staff guidance pages.

Employees who are simply working from home because their office is closed should not record they are self-isolating, unless they meet the government criteria i.e. shielding, positive test, developed symptoms, NHS Test and Trace etc.

Supporting staff with childcare challenges

Only children of critical workers and vulnerable children and young people should attend school or college during the National Lockdown period. All other pupils and students will receive remote education.

BCC will support staff who have caring responsibilities when schools are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Managers are expected to allow staff to work from home where possible, and to work flexibly, and make the best use of flexi-time/TOIL and annual leave to maximise contribution whilst minimising disruption to services.

However, where this is not possible, managers should approve compassionate leave (paid) where staff have caring responsibilities and cannot continue to work.

See the COVID-19 Staff Guidance on the Intranet for further information.

Risk assessments

Birmingham City Council is committed to delivering services to citizens wherever possible, whilst ensuring that adequate measures are in place to protect service users and employees alike. Wherever it is possible for staff to work effectively from home, the guidance remains that they should continue to do so.

Where this is not possible, and where public-facing services are to continue, managers must undertake adequate risk assessments and put appropriate control measures in place to ensure the workplace is COVID-secure.

The above is all quoted from Birmingham City Council, not from UNISON or in particular this Branch.