Meeting – After Trump and the Fascist Riot:

Black Lives Matter
Opposing Racism and Fascism.

Thursday 14 January
Time: 7:30PM


Jacqueline Luqman Co-Host of By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik (US)
Anoa Changa freelance journalist and retired attorney Atlanta, Georgia (US)
Michael Brown LA Chapter – Black Lives Matter (US)
Iannis Delatolas, United Against Racism & Fascism NYC (US)
Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP
Thanasis Kampagiannis leading lawyer and anti fascist in the Golden Dawn trial (Greece)
All Black Lives UK
Brian Richardson, Stand Up To Racism
Sabby Dhalu, Stand Up To Racism

“Donald Trump is facing impeachment charges of “incitement to insurrection” after last week’s fascist riot.

We witnessed on our screens last week Donald Trump supporters protesting outside Capitol Hill in Washington DC, as part of a nationally planned “Stop the Steal” event during which they stormed the Congress building.

According to The Washington Post, The FBI warned of a violent “war” at the US Capitol in an internal report issued a day before last week’s deadly siege. In recent days it has been revealed that from tomorrow and in the lead up to the inauguration, there are armed ‘protests’ planned at all 50 state Capitols, according to The FBI. Compare this to the heavy handed way in which Black Lives Matter protests have been handled and the demonization of the movement that followed.

In addition to Congress’s formal endorsement of Joe Biden’s presidency in counting the votes of the electoral college, The riot coincided with the crucial result in the Georgia run-off where the Democrats gained both Senate seats, delivering a majority for the Democrats. The mobilisation of the black vote was the decisive factor in the swing from the Republicans to the Democrats in Georgia and a number of other states, despite a voter suppression campaign designed to demobilise the black vote.

The riots were a racist reaction to the power of the black vote and the spectacular Black Lives Matter movement. These events illustrate the need for a mass, broad, united anti-racist movement.”

– Stand Up to Racism.

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