Online Training Courses – Jan-March 21

For the foreseeable future training for members and activists is continuing online, including a new course for members who are less confident with technology, Getting Connected Online.

Please see below the list of courses running until the end of March. All of the below courses are provided by the Region and if you click the title it will take you to their site to apply.

Getting Connected Online
Aimed at people who are unfamiliar with the internet or working online.
This course runs for 3 Thursday’s from 28 January- 11 February from 11:15am – 12:45pm.

‘Connecting online has almost become an essential part of life, but it can be difficult to know where to start when learning about anything new for the first time. This free course will slowly ease you into the world of online communication and no prior knowledge or experience is required’

Online ERA Refresher
Tuesday 2nd February & Wednesday 3rd February

The course will be delivered over 2 days, 2 virtual sessions per day with some work to complete in between the sessions.

Course aims:

  • Update on new developments internally and externally which impact upon your role as a UNISON rep.
  • To inform you on changes in the legislative and legal framework.
  • To share skills and experience as UNISON reps.
  • To explore how we build the strength of UNISON in a changing industrial relations environment.

Online Mental Health Awareness
Tuesday 9th February 9:30am – 1:00pm

This workshop is aimed at any UNISON member that would like to gain some introductory knowledge and understanding of mental health. It will help participants understand the main mental health problems that people face and provide a basic insight into the experience of having mental distress.

Online Excel and Spreadsheets (Intermediate)
22nd February – 8th March 1:15 – 2:45 (3 Monday afternoons)

This course is aimed at those members that already have basic knowledge and experience of spreadsheet features using Microsoft Excel. It will cover using more complex formulas and functions like filter/sort. It will also look at creating charts and sharing information with other programmes.

Online Bereavement Awareness
Wednesday 24th February 10:15am – 12:45pm.

This new online workshop is open to any UNISON member that wants to reflect on the grieving process and gain a greater understanding of current models that can help. It will also look at the impact of loss on families, individuals and the role communication can play.

Online Pre-Retirement Planning
25th February – 25 March 11:15am – 12:45pm (5 Thursday mornings)

This new course will be of specific interest to those UNISON members that are either nearing towards or thinking about or retirement. It will look at the emotional, practical and financial implications of retirement and identify areas of opportunity for hobbies and leisure. It will also consider some areas where financial assistance may be available.

Online Your Skills, Your Future
25th February – 11th March 1:15pm – 2:45pm (3 Thursday afternoons)

The course is aimed at those members who want to identify their transferable skills and are considering making some changes to their lives. You will also find out more about being part of UNISON. It will help identify your existing, transferable and potential skills for the purpose of personal or professional development. It will also help gain confidence in your skills and abilities.

Online Introduction to Family History
1st March – 29th March 11:15am – 12:45pm (5 Monday mornings)

Are you a UNISON member that has always wanted to know more about your past but are not sure where to start? This course will provide you with an introduction to researching family history and genealogy. It will look at the ever-increasing range of online family history resources and the skills required to navigate them accurately and efficiently.

Online Dementia Awareness
Wednesday 10th March 9:30am – 1:00pm

This session is aimed at any UNISON member that would like to gain better knowledge and understanding of dementia. It will explore some of the features, causes and look at how the condition may be managed that will be of use to both carers and service users.

Online Excel and Spreadsheets (Advanced)
15th March – 29th March 1:15pm – 2:45pm (3 Monday afternoons)

This course has been developed to enable you to add more advanced functions of Excel into your spreadsheet work. You should already have a good grasp of using Excel or have completed the Intermediate Level course with UNISON. It will cover topics that include complex formulas and formatting which will enable you to produce highly efficient and productive workbooks.

Online Managing Stress
18th March – 1st April 1:15 – 14:45 (3 Thursday afternoons)

These sessions will consider some of the main causes of stress in society. It will look at proven ways of coping with stress, strategies for not letting stress overwhelm a person and potentially harmful stress reduction strategies. A course cannot eradicate stress during stressful times, but you can learn how to manage it better.

Online Autism Awareness
Wednesday 24th March 9.30am-1.00pm.

This workshop is aimed at UNISON members who are teaching assistants or who support children and teachers in schools. The topics it will cover are what autism is, symptoms of autism, potential areas of difficulty and how best to support children with autism.


For all courses provided by the West Midlands region and an up to date list as and when they add courses click here.