Women’s SOG AGM

Birmingham Branch Women’s Self Organised Group 
Annual General Meeting

Thursday 11th March 2021
18:00 – 19:00 pm

The Annual General Meeting is where the Women’s Group hold elections for the Women’s Officer, Chair and Secretary.
The Women’s Officer post comes with one facility day each week, the secretary and chair do not have facility time.
The Branch Women’s Officer has this dedicated time to organise meetings and events – inviting Unison Women members to them each month; ideas for which have been discussed and decided by the group members.
All UNISON women members are welcome to apply for the Women’s Officer role along with the Secretary and Chair.
If you wish to stand for Women’s Officer, please send a short statement to Caroline Johnson, explaining why you would like to be considered for the post and what you would bring to the women’s group. At the AGM you will need to read your statement out and state why you would like to take up the role. Voting will then take place at the meeting.
Please email your statement by Tuesday 9th March 2021 at 5pm.
If you would like any information please do not hesitate to contact the Women’s Officer – Mandy Buckley.
Meeting ID: 822 3696 7343
Passcode: 817197