Branch Successes March 2021

Each month Birmingham UNISON Branch has a Branch Executive meeting with all Branch Officers and senior steward representatives from each directorate, at this meeting we have begun discussing our successes and good news stories so you, the members can see the good we try to do each and every day for our members.

So here are some positives from us this month:

“On duty this month and dealt with a private sector member, they joined as they were having problems so could only offer advice (there is a minimum term on membership to receive representation), but my advice meant that the case got dropped – so they called me back to say thank you and that it had taught the member a lot of things. They are going to stay a member and recommend UNISON to colleagues”

– Tracey Perry, Senior Steward (Economy)

“we had an issue in a school with a Head Teacher insisting that staff cross bubbles and they would not back down on the issue so I advised the member to call Public Health England, because of calling them on the issue the Head Teacher has now backed down”

– Carol Garfield, Assistant Branch Secretary (Schools)

“I had a member call me who was very upset down the phone recently, so during the call I did my best to advice them – signposting to mental health support services, advising on the work related issue and giving them someone to talk to about it all. By the end of the call they sounded more positive and assured me they were feeling better about the problem – the small wins helping members in difficult situations matter just as much as the big ones”

– Nicola Moran, Communications Officer & Steward

“Last month we held meetings around Covid-19 vaccinations that we facilitated, nearly 100 people attended over the two meetings. It was a success and quite a brave thing to do. Everyone that came said it was a good meeting.”

– Caroline Johnson, Branch Secretary

“I have been recieving lots of texts and phone calls during Covid from members to help with finance related issues and have had positive feedback on how There for You has helped these members.”

– Maxine Warrican, Branch Welfare Officer

“I have sometimes had some really difficult cases on duty and when I have not been able to answer the question I have contacted Tracey Mooney (Deputy Branch Secretary for organising) and then got back to the member, the members are really appreciating the answers we have given. I have had full case hearings recently set for short notice and been able to change the dates for them and been supporting members from different areas. I helped with a situation around mediation for a case to resolve issues, suggesting that they can use an independent mediator – which HR confirmed.”

– Mandy Buckley, Women’s Officer & Senior Steward