Petition – Remove Oswald Mosley Photo From Birmingham Town Hall

“Many supporters of Birmingham’s fine Town Hall have been looking forward to the opening up of the as lockdown is lifted.  However, we are aware that the basement bar of the Town Hall features a photograph of Oswald Mosley — the Leader of the British Union of Fascists.

It seems to us that to have a photograph of Britain’s leading fascist hanging on the wall of one of the city’s greatest cultural institutions is totally unacceptable in this modern age. We feel the Town Hall should celebrate the wonderful diversity of the city today. We ask that steps are taken to remove this photograph in time for the re-opening of the venue.

We feel this might be an opportunity to refresh the photographic display in order to better reflect the wonderful range of performers and cultures that have been represented on this fine stage. As Birmingham prepares to welcome the Commonwealth Games we think that such action would be a fine and appropriate gesture of solidarity with all of Birmingham’s citizens and visitors.”

– Text from the petition website.

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