Third Generation/Parity Payment Update

All members in Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Children’s Trust and Acivico should have received an email/letter regarding the third generation payments on 13th May 2021. The text below matches the email sent to membership.

Dear UNISON member

Third Generation Payment

UNISON is pleased to confirm that we have signed the agreement with Birmingham City Council so that payments will be offered to members of UNISON and the other trade unions. These payments are intended to settle any outstanding so called “third generation” equal pay claims.

Thank you for your patience on this matter. It has been a long and complex negotiation. We are now moving to the next stage so that the Council can get the payments to you as soon as possible. The Council anticipate that it will take around 9 months to calculate offers and send them to you.

If you pay your UNISON subs by DOCAS i.e. deducted directly from your wages (you can check by looking at a recent payslip) and we believe that you may satisfy the eligibility criteria we have already told the Council that we think that you may be eligible for an offer. At this stage you do not need to do anything more.

However if you pay your subscriptions via direct debit i.e. from your bank account, then you should have responded to the letters we have sent to you asking for your permission to put your details forward to the City as eligible for an offer. We have to do this due to strict GDPR Guidance.  If you have not done this, you should contact us immediately and request that your details are shared. You must do this no later 25 May 2021. You can email UNISON at to request a form if you have not done this.

More details of the payments and when and how they will be offered will be made available to you in due course as this detail is still being worked on. Unless you are a direct debit payer who has not authorised that we share your union membership details with the Council as detailed above, please do not contact the UNISON branch or region requesting details. If the union is inundated with enquiries it will slow this process down. We ask you to be patient and await further information from UNISON and the Council.

Best wishes

Mark New
UNISON Regional Officer