Women’s SOG meeting

Women members are invited for an evening of laughter, fun and giggles.

Thursday 27th May 2021
18:00 till 19:30 pm

Laugh Yourself Happy with the Power of Laughter

Resources: Please bring a pocket mirror and a sock, and an open-mind! We will be doing deep belly breathing and laughter exercises throughout the session (note: please be mindful of your own health when we are laughing. If you have had an operation in the past 3 months, have a hernia or severe haemorrhoids, or experience low blood pressure, please ensure you check with your GP before participating. I also recommend Tena (or other brands)
pantyliners if needed, to ensure you’re comfortable and get the best out of the session.

Outline: Join Janice from Pu-Tai Wellbeing as we explore why laughter is the best medicine! After the enormous changes and transitions we’ve experienced over the last year, let’s take this time to have a good giggle and guffaw, boost our immune system, and feel energised and uplifted! All this is available to us through the incredible power of laughter. A light-hearted approach to our own wellbeing – but one that can have a massive impact! Happiness on tap, wherever you are!

Please come and join us. All Unison Women Members are Welcome.

For more information please contact: mandy.buckley@birminghamunison.co.uk

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Meeting ID: 824 7724 9329
Passcode: 470562