“Insulting” pay offer rejected by council and school staff, says UNISON

Jon Richards says 1.5% shows complete disregard for all staff have done during pandemic.

The 1.5% pay offer made by the Local Government Association to council and school support staff last week has been resoundingly rejected by UNISON, the union has announced today (Friday).

At an earlier meeting of the union’s local government committee, representatives of council and school workers from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland dismissed the offer as ‘insulting’.

The committee said the amount offered by the employers fell well short of the 10% joint claim submitted by the unions earlier in the year.

The council and school workers felt the offer was derisory and showed a complete disregard for all staff had done during the pandemic to keep essential services running and communities safe.

UNISON head of local government Jon Richards said: “This offer simply isn’t good enough. Council and school staff have done so much this past year. They’re understandably feeling more than taken for granted. It’s insulting.

“Negotiations with the employers are now essential if council and school staff are to get a better deal. More resources from Westminster would help relieve the financial pressure on councils and schools and fund a more substantial increase for staff.

“Extra cash in people’s pockets would fit well with the government’s levelling up agenda. It would also help the workforce feel much more valued than it currently does.”

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