Kill the Bill Protest – Birmingham

Unite to Kill the Bill national day of action Birmingham protest.

Saturday 29th May 2021
at 2pm 
Victoria Square 

The Bill (Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021) is an attempt to criminalise the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community as well as attempting to remove democratic rights won over centuries.
We have seen huge protests in this country in the last year over #BlackLivesMatter, Sarah Everard, Extinction Rebellion, Palestine and more. Indeed, this protest takes place just over a year since the murder of George Floyd re-ignited the Black Lives Matter movement.
We need to see this over this Bill too. Crucially, we need trade unionists and civil society to oppose this Bill in large numbers.
Please join us in protesting against attacks on our democratic rights; attacks on the right to protest or have picket lines; attacks on environmental or #BLM protesters; attacks on the GRT community.
Speakers will include Councillor Ian Ward (Labour and Leader of the Council) as well as trade unionist, equality activists and campaigners.