Reporting of accidents, incidents and near misses

Across Birmingham City Council, especially City Operations and City Housing there have been a number of incidents, accidents and near misses in recent months.

If you have experienced these kinds of incidents, it is very important to make sure to fill in accident/incident reports, it’s not acceptable to feel threatened or attacked in work and if an accident happens, we need to make sure that it is reported to Safety Services, so a similar thing is less likely to happen again.

We understand that some colleagues do not have access to people solutions, but those who do not must ensure that a manager completes the form on People Solutions or sends the issue to Safety Services, members need to ensure that if they report an accident or incident that they have ‘proof’ that it went to Safety Services, this is especially important because of sickness, and/or claims.

As a Branch we have noticed a massive difference in the statistics in meetings compared to what members are reporting – you must ensure that these incidents are not underreported – they are serious and need to be logged for your safety and others.