Schools Press Release: response to Gavin Williamson statement

Dated: Tuesday 6 July 2021

Government’s “alarming” approach abandons children to the risks of Covid, says UNISON

Responding to the announcement from the education secretary today (Tuesday) that school bubbles and self-isolation are to be scrapped from 19 July, UNISON assistant general secretary Jon Richards said:

“The government’s alarming approach abandons children to a highly transmissible virus spreading at a record pace through schools.

“Safety measures like bubbles and self-isolation are proven to reduce the spread of the virus.

“With around one in ten pupils reporting symptoms of long Covid weeks after infection, th​is is a dangerous gamble from the government.

“The only way to minimise risk is for tried and tested safety measures like masks, good ventilation and self-isolation to stay.

“Allowing the virus to spread rapidly amongst unvaccinated pupils provides an ideal environment for new variants to emerge.”