Branch Team Building Day 2021

Recently some of the Branch Officers and senior stewards went on a narrowboat trip as a team building exercise (with precautions taken and outdoors.

Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves, it was great for some of the Branch to meet up with colleagues especially as some Officers had not seen each other for over 12 months due to working from home.

Half way through the day they had a lovely lunch at the Bluebell Pub and discussed what they would like to do in the coming months, with the hope to all be working back in the office soon.

Above photo –
Top row: Martin, Jon, Tracey P, Claudette, Kamal & Omar
Bottom row: Caroline & Tracey M

Please see below some more photos from the day.

Kamal and Jon at the edge of the longboat outside The Drawbridge pub

Kamal and Jon outside the boat

Omar and Martin steering the boat

Caroline and Jon at a locke

Caroline and Jon at a lock