LGBT+ September Meeting

An LGBT+ Self Organised Group meeting has been arranged for the below date, the meeting is arrange to discuss any issues relevant to the LGBT+ group in a safe space, discuss LGBT+ conference, events and any other business.

Tuesday 14th September 2021

The meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams (after discussion it would seem that more colleagues have access to Teams than Zoom and to increase participation it was decided to arrange the next meeting on Teams)


1. Welcoming new members/apologies

2. Workplace Issues

3. Wellbeing

4. LGBT+ Conference 19th- 21st November 2021 – Brighton

5. Events (funds of £1000)

6. AOB

The meeting is arranged via Teams, for joining information please contact the office on or before 4pm on the day of the meeting.

A graphic to advertise the meeting with the same info as the text above and the image of a laptop with 'equality for everybody' on the screen