UNISON COVID-19 Impact Report

Most of us have lived our lives in peace and prosperity. We took for granted that we would have enough food on the table, good health care when we needed it, schools for our children to learn in and parks for them to play in – and freedom from the fear of the deadly diseases that killed millions less than a century ago: flu, TB, polio.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK so hard in 2020 it was
UNISON members and Key Workers who kept the country going –
the nurses, the care workers, the street sweepers, the library staff,
the cleaners and so many more in critical roles – the country would
have fallen apart without you.

Please see attached the UNISON Impact Report on a year like no other.

The report includes stories from members, information on the Covid-19 response fund, There for You, and talks about UNISON successes during the pandemic.

Click here for UNISON’s Impact Report