Birmingham COP26 Protest

Birmingham COP26 protest – join the trade union bloc.

Saturday 6th November 2021
12 noon
Eastside Gardens, Millennium Point

The UK Government is hosting “COP26” (the UN global climate summit) in Glasgow this November. This Summit is where world leaders will come together to decide our future.

The global climate emergency is here and now, already exacerbating natural disasters and human inequalities and will shape the coming years. We urgently need action that reduces carbon emissions while protecting and creating good, green jobs and a more equal society.

Yet despite the global trade union movement ensuring that previous COP summits have agreed to a call for a “just transition” (i.e. one that protects workers and our communities) our Government is not doing nearly enough for workers.

That is why we are supporting the call from the COP26 Coalition for trade unions and workers to join the global day of action for climate justice on November 6th.

On the day of action, there will be major demonstrations in cities across the UK, as well as countless others across the world.

The Trade Union Caucus within the COP26 Coalition is working with unions and trades councils across the country to ensure there are big, united and powerful “Trade Union and Workers Blocs” (i.e. sections) on each demonstration.

In Birmingham, the trade union bloc is meeting at Millennium Point at 12.00 noon.

We believe this will be the biggest trade union climate mobilisation to date, putting the unions and workers at the heart of the fight for climate justice.

– This information came from the Midlands TUC