Equal Pay/Parity Payment Statement

Statement from the Branch on equal pay/parity payment claims, sent to all members via email 12th November 2021 and posted to those we do not have emails for this week.

If we do not have an email address for you, you will have a slight delay in any communications from us, we recommend updating us with your email address so we can keep in touch with you and keep you updated on important issues. You can do this through My UNISON or by contacting the branch on 0121 200 3331.

Dear UNISON member,

I am writing to share bad, and unexpected, news about the third-generation parity payments that had been agreed with the Council under what is called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). UNISON had negotiated these payments for our members in good faith, but found out last week that the Council have admitted to the courts that they cannot rely on the job evaluations of some of the comparator roles. This is a huge admission and changes everything as it means the information on which UNISON negotiated the MOU is no longer sound. It means that UNISON may have to pull out of the MOU.

The Council may decide to send offers to you directly. Please DO NOT SIGN these offers without waiting for further UNISON advice. We are in discussions with our lawyers and will send out more advice in the next few weeks

We know how disappointing this will be as you have waited patiently for so long for this payment. This is why we have spent the last few days trying to negotiate with the Council to improve the payment offers rather than pulling out of the MOU agreement. We know that lodging legal claims may mean that you may have to wait many more years before this is settled.

If the Council do send you a letter inviting you to attend a meeting with ACAS to accept their offer you need to be aware that you would be signing away your rights to take any further action and I urge you not to do that until UNISON are able to give you more advice.

You will hear all sorts of rumours over the next few weeks about what is happening. Please don’t base your opinion on that as UNISON will provide advice as soon as we can. Equal pay caselaw is complex and we want to ensure that you receive the right advice for your job role and that every member gets what they are entitled to so.

In summary; If the council write to you making an offer do not accept it until we are able to give you more advice.

Caroline Johnson

Branch Secretary

Birmingham UNISON