NJC pay for 2021

NJC pay for 2021 for England, Wales and Northern Ireland has now been settled, following a joint circular being issued.

The final pay offer of 1.75% (2.75% for those on the bottom pay point) from 1 April 2021 should now be implemented by all employers. The joint circular also asks employers to pay all backpay, and it shows the full range of NJC pay rates applicable from 1 April 2021.

Following Unite’s industrial action ballots closing, they may still take action in some areas, but they have not yet confirmed where or when. However, UNISON’s NJC Committee decided at its meeting on 22 February that once Unite’s ballots had closed, and Unite’s committee had met, UNISON should move to settle 2021 pay. GMB had previously indicated its desire to settle. As a result the joint circular has been signed by two of the three unions, representing a majority of the
NJC trade union side.

The NJC Committee meets next week and will receive feedback from regional representatives on the 2021 campaign and what the 2022 pay claim should look like.

Backpay will be arranged for workers in due course.