Big Power Off – Hitting Greedy Energy Companies in the Profits

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) Sheffield came up with the idea off the Big Power Off protest for the 1st of April 2022. An innovative way that people can protest from home against the steep gas and electric price rises.

After all, it’s really important that people are protesting against the costs but so many of us cannot physically get to the street protests and we deserve to be heard. This protest will hurt the greedy energy companies where it does the most; right in the profits!

Absolutely everybody can take part in Big Power Off!

The premise of the protest is for all of us to reduce our household energy uses as much as we possibly can en masse.

We fully appreciate that some people cannot reduce energy usage any further and also that some people must keep their gas and electric on for medical reasons; some of us are those people.

This video from Disabled People Against Cuts Sheffield explains the various ways that people can take part in the protest:
Twitter – DPAC Sheffield Video

For those who can’t take part by reducing energy usage; you are invited to post about how you are affected by the price rises on the day adding the #BigPowerOff So that other people can find and share your voice.

Some people are taking part by speaking out in the press such as Paula Peters from DPAC has done here:

And Rachael Tomlinson also a DPAC member in Hull, has done here for the first BigPowerOff that we held:
Twitter – Accessible Rach

You can watch an interview with Jen and David from DPAC Sheffield on Socialist Telly with Damo, talking about Big Power Off here:
YouTube Interview

You can read about the first #BigPowerOff day of action in The Canary in this fabulous article by Steve Topple here:
The Canary – Article

Big Power Off No2 is happening on 10th April 2022 with even more people joining in!

Tweets have also been shared by some celebs including:
•Maxine Peake
•Rees Dinsdale
•Michelle Gayle
It’s really great to have their support!

You can download posters, banners for your Facebook and twitter headers, posters to print off and display and gifs for your social media from the below link. This is a safe site to use, set up by DPAC Sheffield; there are also links to articles/videos/interviews etc.

Simply click this link to open the menu which you can scroll through and select to download images: 

@DPACSheffield | Linktree

Hitting greedy energy companies in the profits is the only thing that they will respond to.

Together we can take the power back!