Make All Our Words Matter Webinar

Ever felt like you can’t quite find the right word? Its on the top of your tongue but you can’t quite get it down on the page? What about worrying over an email you sent and wondering whether it said exactly what you meant?

If yes, then join TUC WMCA Skills Partnership Lead, Matt Pointon and TUC Skills Development Officer for South Yorkshire MCA, Janet Johnson, who are joined by Mary Colson from the Royal Literary Fund (RLF). The RLF is a British charity that has been supporting Authors since 1790.

Thursday 5th May
Online Webinar

The RLF works with different organisations and community groups all over the country to help people improve their writing skills. The RLF employs professional writers to deliver writing projects on a wide range of topics, from writing confidence courses to life-writing sessions to workplace writing skills workshops covering things like minute-taking, report writing, CV writing and even speech writing.

During the webinar, we will discuss life-writing and writing for wellbeing.

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