Justice 4 Dea-John Reid National March

“We call upon everyone in Birmingham and across the country to join the family of 14-year-old black school boy Dea-John Reid murdered in Kingstanding, Birmingham.”

Saturday 9th July 2022
1pm – 4pm
Twickenham Park, College road,
Kingstanding, Birmingham, B44 0AJ

The Campaign and actions:

The group are petitioning for a specific Race Relations & Civil Rights Act that can specifically address racial discrimination in addition to civil and human rights abuses.
Clearly, there needs to be reform when impanelling Juries for cases of this nature particularly when racial discrimination is a clear and undeniable issue. As such this petition calls for the UK Government to introduce legislation to reinstate peremptory jury challenges in cases of this nature in order to ensure a balanced and meaningful decision-making body which a Jury should be and to bring an end to all-white Jurys.
It was agreed that we would support this march at our Branch Executive meeting on Tuesday 14th June 2022.