Equal Pay Justice – Lobby of the Full Council Meeting – November 2022

The next activity for the Equal Pay Justice Campaign is a noisy lobby of the full Council meeting.

This is a regular meeting for all Councillors elected in the city and it is important that they all know how angry we are about the way union members have been offered less than the clients of no win no fee solicitors for the third-generation equal pay parity payments.

We are meeting at the Council House on Tuesday 1st November at 5.30pm and will be joined by GMB colleagues who are fighting for the same thing.  We are asking you to come and bring things that make a noise so that they will hear us from the Council Chamber where the meeting is held.  If you would like to meet at the Branch Office beforehand, feel free to drop in after 4.30pm.Please talk to other members and encourage them to come to the lobby too.  We are currently in talks with the Council to try to resolve this issue and the political pressure will help with these negotiations.

Lobby of Full Council MeetingTuesday 1st November5.30-6.30pm