March Against Racism! Saturday 18 March 2023 

National demonstration to coincide with United Nations world anti-racism day and called by the TUC and Stand Up to racism. 

Join us on

Saturday 18 March 2023 

And march with other trade unionists and activists.
In UNISON’s year of the Black worker this event will demonstrate our confidence in our values of respect and equality for all, for multiculturalism, strong cohesive communities and peace.

It will demonstrate our solidarity in action, not just in words, against the politics of hate, against bigotry, racism and discrimination of all kinds, and against the politics of fascism.

With strikes on the rise the Tories use racism to try to divide workers so they can weaken us. But desperate refugees fleeing to the UK are not responsible for broken Britain – the Tories are.

They are the ones who have carried out a huge shift in wealth from the pockets of working people to the pockets of the richest. In the fifth richest economy in the world there is plenty to go round but the government want the richest to keep it so they need to distract and divide us to stop us getting our fair share.

United we stand – divided we fall. As relevant today as it always was.

The demonstrations will be taking place in London, Cardiff and Glasgow with online links to other protests taking place across the globe.

Join other members of Birmingham UNISON on the London Demonstration. We hope to fill a coach so booking as soon as possible and in advance is essential to help with the organisation of the day.  It is free for members of Birmingham UNISON and if you bring a friend or family member its £5 for them.

Please phone 0121 200 3331 to reserve your seat. Or email using the strap line DEMO180323.  We will require an email address and mobile number when you book so that we can keep you updated. The coach will leave Birmingham at approx 8am and will leave London at approx. 4.30pm exact timings will be sent to members once booked. The coach will leave from and drop off in the city centre only.

This event is formally supported by UNISON.

We hope you will march with us.

Best wishes

Caroline Johnson & Tracey Mooney
Joint Branch Secretaries
Birmingham UNISON