Mistaken Idenity – Statement from Women’s Officer

My name is Mandy Buckley and I am the Women’s Officer for Birmingham UNISON.

On Sunday 14 May 22023 there was a rally held in central Birmingham organised by the anti trans activist Posie Parker misleadingly called Let Women Speak.

The are some social media claims that I attended that demonstration and supported their demands. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I was not, and would not attend such a rally and my sympathies are with those that opposed it.

I am a strong advocate for women’s right and equally support trans rights, l see nothing incompatible in supporting both.  Indeed we are seeing a major attack on trans rights by the media and the Tories who also wish to roll back women’s rights as well.

The far right is also seeking to mobilise around  attacking trans rights, along with their traditional attempts at racist scapegoating.

As a union we need unity in order to wage an effective fight to advance UNISON member’s interests, organising against a cost of living crisis, rejecting austerity and not letting our members pay for the bosses crisis.

Unity can only be forged by taking on the bigots, whether their targets are the trans community, asylum seekers or women.

This is the policy of my branch and UNISON nationally and I strongly support it.