Tax Oil and Gas Giants – Sign the Petition

Oil giants like BP and Shell are amassing colossal profits while the ordinary people struggle to pay skyrocketing energy bills.

All because Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is failing to address the gaping loopholes in the windfall tax on oil and gas giants. We cannot let this injustice continue.We need your help to ensure wealth is shared more fairly and to ease the burden on hard-working families. Please join me in signing UNISON’s petition today, urging the Chancellor to close the loopholes and enforce a more effective windfall tax on oil and gas companies:

By signing the petition, you’re joining a growing movement demanding change. We can learn from other countries that have successfully implemented windfall taxes – raising billions to support public services and reduce energy bills for everyone. The UK can achieve this too, but we need your support.Our united voices can make a difference – let’s show the Chancellor and the government that we won’t stand idly by as working households bear the brunt of this crisis.

It’s time for big oil and gas companies to pay their fair share!

With your support, we can make a difference in the lives of countless people across the UK.

Sign the petition here