NJC Pay Ballot

What is the offer?

Care workers, refuse collectors, social workers, teaching assistants,
street cleaners and so many more go above and beyond every single day. Local government staff keep communities safe, clean and
accessible, yet there is often little or no recognition for your hard work.

With the cost-of-living skyrocketing to new highs every day, it’s time to rise up and demand decent pay for the work you do!

Over the past 12 years, council and school staff have lost on average
25% from the value of their pay when measured against the Retail
Price Index (RPI) measure of inflation since 2010.

UNISON has been campaigning for a decent pay rise for council and school workers.

We called for a pay increase of inflation plus 2% – based on the
Treasury’s annual forecast for RPI for 2023, this would amount to
approximately 12.7%

However, the local government employers have responded with an
offer of a flat rate increase of £1,925 (with less for part-time and
term-time workers).

This simply is not good enough when public service workers are
relying on food banks and struggling to afford heating. We understand that the whole country is struggling but unless we rise up together, the government will continue to prioritise themselves and you will be the ones to suffer.

Enough is enough – it’s time to rise up to get pay up!

What can I do?

The most important thing you can do is VOTE YES for strike action when our ballot opens. You will receive a red envelope containing your voting papers from 23 May – vote yes and post it back as soon as you receive it. The deadline is 4 July.

If you would like to take further action, you can write to your local
councillor and calling on them to support central government funding to enable a decent pay rise for council and school workers:

Email your councillor to get pay up

Voting for strike action

We are asking you to vote for strike action. We know this is not something you do lightly and it’s always our last resort, but after years of declining pay, it’s time to rise up to get pay up!

UNISON members will receive a letter and voting papers through the post from 23 May – look out for a RED envelope!

We need you to post your ballot paper back by 4th July so make sure you do it in plenty of time so your vote counts. Use the freepost envelope – no stamps needed!

Once you’ve voted, make sure you talk to your colleagues about the issue and encourage them to do the same. Your vote matters – every vote matters. Don’t leave it to others to vote on your behalf – what you think counts too.

EVERYONE needs to play their part and by taking 5 minutes to mark your ballot paper and post it back, you are becoming part of something that will not only show your employer that your current pay is not good enough to live on, but it will aid the preservation of local government for generations to come by retaining and
recruiting the staff who make a difference.

What if I need more information?

Our national campaign webpage contains all of the information and
resources you need to learn all about our fight for fair pay – visit

If you need assistance or lose your ballot paper contact
our helpline on 0800 0857 857 – it is open from 5th June to noon on
28th June. Or log onto unison.org.uk/my-unison/ where you can also
request a replacement ballot paper.