Branch Vacancy – LGBT+ Officer

We currently have a Branch vacancy for the LGBT+ Officer role, this is an important role within our equalities Self Organised Groups.
Equality is at the heart of UNISON. We challenge discrimination and win equality in the workplace and beyond. Everyone shares responsibility for equality in UNISON.
But our equality work includes groups for members who experience particular types of prejudice and discrimination.
We have four Self Organised groups within UNISON and our LGBT+ SOG in Branch is in need of a Branch Officer; the LGBT+ Officer.
The LBGT+ Officer has 1 day a week of facility time to work on LGBT+ issues and offer support to LGBT+ Members. With the Year of LGBT+ Workers next year we need someone who is passionate about support for LGBT+ Members and wants to make a difference in the Branch and for workers.

Key tasks of Branch LGBT+ Officer
Together with any Branch LGBT+ Group:

  • Being out and visible
  • Championing UNISON’s commitment to LGBT+ equality
  • Encouraging LGBT+ workers to join UNISON
  • Keeping LGBT+ members informed and getting them involved
  • Organizing Branch LGBT+ meetings and events eg LGBT+ History Month
  • Being the link between LGBT+ members, the regional LGBT+ self-organised group and the branch committee
  • Representing the views of branch LGBT+ members
  • Sharing regional and national UNISON LGBT+ information in the branch
  • Working in partnership/collaboration with any employer staff LGBT+ network
  • Building and improving links with local LGBT+ community groups and prides
  • If possible, participating in the regional LGBT+ group
  • If possible, organising branch participation in the annual national LGBT+ conference
  • Reporting on LGBT+ work at the branch AGM.

If you are interested in the position or would like more information, please let us know by contacting the below:

Tracey Mooney, Joint Branch Secretary 

Janine Broderick, Deputy Branch Secretary