Able Futures Mental Health Support Service

“If you live with mental health difficulties, you know there are good days and bad days. You also know the bad days can affect you at work. You probably find it hard to focus or perform at your best. The aim of Able Futures is to help you enjoy more good days. Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is a wide range of first-class support from qualified health care professionals. The service is fast, flexible and, best of all, there is no charge to use this service.
Through Access to Work Mental Health Support Service you can talk to a health care professional within one working day of signing-up. The support is built around you and your needs, and everything you discuss is confidential.”

– The Able Futures website (below).

Able futures can help you manage mental health, Panic attacks, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Low mood, Depression, Sleep problems, Fatigue, Eating disorders, Bereavement, Worry, Lack of motivation and Anger.

If you are concerned about your mental health (due to home/work/life issues) or the mental health of someone close to you, please visit for information, advice and support.