Help Save Birmingham City Council

The government caused this. Help us make them put it right.

Birmingham City Council is facing an unprecedented financial crisis which, if it isn’t sorted, will result in major cuts to vital services and thousands of job losses.

This isn’t the result of financial mismanagement by the Council. Since 2014/5 government funding has fallen by nearly 14%, while the cost of providing services has risen by 20%. That’s left the Council with a shortfall of £87 million for this financial year – with more bad news to come. In 2024/5, the gap between income and the cost of providing services is set to climb to £164million.

Something has to give! The Council has says it needs to find savings of over £250 million in the next 12 months. But at what cost?

Which services are they going to cut to find those savings? How will those cuts impact on you, your family and your community?

The recent news of the government providing council funding in the form of an additional £500 million for social care and £100 million in grants is frankly too little too late. It provides a stopgap at best as Birmingham City Council will still have to make massive cuts while waiting to hear just how this money will be distributed across the hundreds of councils across the country.

UNISON is the trade union for council staff. Our members see first-hand what happens when the most vulnerable in our society are left without the safety net council services provide. The damage can last a lifetime as people and communities are written off. Birmingham is already the fourth most deprived area in the UK outside of London, with above average levels of unemployment, particularly among young people and 39% of households living in relative poverty.

UNISON has been warning about this crisis for years – we saw it coming, but no one would listen. Instead, the Council and the government failed to act and now the council is in a precarious position.

More cuts won’t help anyone – especially people already hit by this government’s disastrous economic policies.

The government has caused this crisis. Now politicians must do the right thing and make more money available now to stop more cuts and a deepening crisis in Birmingham.

Can you help us defend services in Birmingham? Services that make a world of difference to you, your family and your community?

Ways to get involved in the campaign

Please help us make government listen and take action to deal with this crisis. Sign our petition, let’s make our voices heard and let’s protect our city and our services.

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