UNISON Migrant Workers

At Regional Council on Thursday 8th February 2024 a presentation for UNISON West Midlands on Migrant Workers.

UNISON is organising migrant workers – a project lead by UNISON Centre Strategic Organising Unit, with a Migrant Worker Lead in every region – for the West Midlands it is Laura House – L.House@unison.co.uk 

There are two common work visa routes:

  • Skilled Worker Visa
  • Health and Care Worker Visa

Migrant Worker Network

UNISON has begun setting up a Migrant Worker Network.

‘an informal network of UNISON members with a first- generation immigrant background including overseas and migrant workers, EU settled status workers and workers who have subsequently naturalised as British citizens or who have indefinite leave to remain. Joining the network will enable UNISON to target advice, support and information more effectively for migrant worker members.’

Members can sign up via the National UNISON website:

UNISON Migrant Worker Network | UNISON National

Immigration Advice Line

The UNISON Immigration Advice Line can give free telephone advice to members – this is via UNISON Direct, ask for JCWI helpline appointments.

UNISON Direct: 08000 857857

This can also cover advice for family of UNISON members.
Activists are unable to get advice on behalf of members, but UNISON can via the booking form.

Members MUST have over 4 weeks membership to use this service.

Changes to Government Immigration Policy

There are changes focused on the Skilled Worker Visa, Graduate Visa and sponsorship for Spouse/Partner Visa.

There are no changes for those already in the country, but changes banning social care workers from bringing dependents into the country commence from 11th March 2024.

If members think they will be impacted by this, please phone UNISON direct (as above) to get a JCWI appointment ASAP.

Click below for further information and support for migrant workers: 

UNISON National Migrant Workers Page