Have your say on the Employers 2024 pay offer

Have your say on the Employers 2024 pay offer

Members should receive an email this week from the national union with a personal secure web link to vote on the employers 2024 pay offer.
The consultation period opens on Wednesday 5 June and closes on Friday 28 June at midday.

How to vote

Each member will be asked to click on the link in the email and this will take them directly to the voting page where members can vote to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the pay offer. Each member can only vote once – votes are secure and anonymous.

Please do not to forward your email with your personalised voting links – as it is specifically for you.

If you know of other members who have not received an email with their personal voting link then please ask them to follow the instructions below.

What if you have not received an email with a voting link?

Emails with voting links will be sent out from Wednesday 5 June and all members will have received their email by the end of Friday 7 June. If a member hasn’t received their email by the morning of Monday 10 June then they can vote by visiting this webpage: unison.org.uk/njc2024

On this webpage members need to click on the ‘Vote here’ button and this will take them to the same NJC voting pages. Because members will be following a general voting link they will then need to verify their membership details to access their personalised vote online. To do this they will need their UNISON membership number or their National Insurance number as well as their date of birth and surname as recorded on the UNISON membership system.

Note: Members should only use this method of voting if they haven’t received their voting link in an email by 10 June.

What if you can’t vote?

If you are having problems voting you are advised to call the UNISON Direct number: 0800 0 857 857. UNISON Direct colleagues will be able to help you to check your membership details and access your vote. Members should wait until at least Monday 10 June before trying to vote online and calling UNISON Direct as not all voting emails will be received until Friday 7 June

David Hughes
Communications Officer
Birmingham Branch