Black Members

UNISON’s Black Members Self Organised Group has been established to effectively challenge inequality by working together to share concerns and aspirations, including establishing their own priorities . It is important to stress that the group is not associated with any existing employee groups.

However if you are a Black member of UNISON who has experienced racial harassment/discrimination in the workplace or within the community, but have felt that there is no one to talk to for advice and support. Then why not join our group?

It is acknowledged through the Birmingham City Council’s recently published report on Workforce Diversity that employees of Black/Black British heritage are twice as likely to be disciplined.

Also employees of Black/Black British origin are 1.5 times over represented in compulsory redundancies. The figures highlighted are alarming; unfortunately with further cuts pending these figures will potentially increase.

We usually meet the second Tuesday of each month.

Contact the Black Members Officer

Jacqueline Minott


Phone number: 07584 707249