More Costly Games

Birmingham Mail reports that the relocation of a bus deport to accomodate the logistics for the Games will be way over budget. It’s gone from £2m to £16m !

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The Costly Games?

More trouble for the Games recently as the local media have reported the Council are still short of money for it.

The Birmingham Mail reported: ‘Partner contributions’ are expected to make up £75 million worth of funding for the Games, but so far only £54 million has been secured – meaning the council could foot the bill in the short term.

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Does BCC have an image problem?

Plans for a £25 million regeneration of Birmingham’s city centre – which include bringing Victoria Square’s famous ‘Floozie in the Jacuzzi’ fountain back into use – have been revealed this week.

Yep, it looks like Brum Council has the money for investing in more security, street furniture and the like when it comes to ramping things up for the (un-asked for) Commonwealth Games.

But where is the money for adult services, keeping community libraries open and local service provision? Does that seem a fair question? If money can be found from one area why can’t it be found for others?

And they now are gathering a reputation for making some pretty contraversial  decisions despite public opposition.

They’ve gone ahead with demolishing the Perry Barr fly over in spite of local opposition.

They’ve allowed the building posh offices for big financial firms near the rear of the Town Hall in Victoria Square, where they could’ve  put the green spaces in the city that many wanted and petitioned for.

There are also plans to make the City Centre car free. Much as this may  help the pollution levels in the city. Protests have already begun from people who see this as anti-business and more.

Added to this is Ian Ward’s recent media statement about building on the Greenbelt ,in spite of not only public opposition but political opposition too.

It looks like the Council does have money, when it wants to. It also increasingly looks as if it favours big projects over the wishes of the local people. Is this the kind of image the Council wants?


New Birmingham City Council bins boss to earn £100k per year.

Yes you read that right. With BCC talks about continually being aware of the need for financial restraint ,they are now paying Darren Share   the new assistant director of Street Scene for Birmingham City Council at least £100k . This role  combines his previous responsibility as Head of Parks with leadership of waste management services.

The Birmingham Mail reports “The city’s reputation for waste collection has been through a chaotic period following two damaging industrial disputes. The council is still receiving hundreds of complaints a day about missed collections and fly tipping.”

So value for money or not? Are the complaints going to go down ? Keep a watch on the local press.