Covid-19 Staff Guidance (BCC)

The Covid-19 staff guidance for Birmingham City Council employees has been updated and staff need to be aware how this might impact on them, their staff and/or service area. Where an employee confirms that they have a COVID-related sickness absence or are in self-isolation, it is the line manager’s responsibility to ensure that the HR/Payroll […]

Meeting – After Trump and the Fascist Riot:

Black Lives Matter Opposing Racism and Fascism. Thursday 14 January Time: 7:30PM Speakers: Jacqueline Luqman Co-Host of By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik (US) Anoa Changa freelance journalist and retired attorney Atlanta, Georgia (US) Michael Brown LA Chapter – Black Lives Matter (US) Iannis Delatolas, United Against Racism & Fascism NYC (US) Bell Ribeiro-Addy […]

Is Coronavirus affecting your mental health?

If coronavirus or things associated with it (such as lockdown) is affecting your mental health, below are some resources to offer support and further information. The Mental Health Foundation have produced a guide to protecting your mental health during the coronavirus crisis and MIND has produced a helpful guide which will be useful to anyone who has to […]

Reporting Incidents

Across Birmingham City Council there have been a number of incidents in recent months of aggression from the public. If you have experienced these kinds of incidents it is very important to make sure to fill in incident reports, its not acceptable to feel threatened or attacked in work. We understand some colleagues do not […]

What if I don’t feel my workplace is safe?

We believe that our members should never be in a situation where they might endanger themselves and others in the course of doing their jobs. Putting you in that situation is potentially a breach of health and safety law and may spread coronavirus to people in high-risk groups. As a last resort, when faced with a dangerous […]

Financial Help During Covid-19

What help is available if I am struggling financially? Our charity for members, There for You, has reopened its COVID-19 response fund, offering grants of up to £500 to help those whose household incomes have been affected by coronavirus. You can check if you’re eligible and apply online here. If you are on a low income you […]

Coronavirus: your rights at work

UNISON is working proactively with the UK governments and other bodies to keep you safe at work. On 4 January 2021 national lockdowns were announced for England and Scotland. New guidance has been published on what restrictions are in place and they can be accessed here: The Government’s Advice for England For sector-specific advice see: […]

Unite against Islamophobia & Racism

Online Meeting: Unite against Islamophobia & Racism – Oppose Macron’s Attacks Date: Monday 14 December 2020 Time: 6pm Speakers include: • Diane Abbott MP • Marwan Muhammad, Human rights consultant and former Director of Collective Against Islamophobia (CCIF), France • Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP • Wilf Sullivan, TUC Race Equality Officer • Dilowar Khan, London Muslim Centre • […]

General Secretary Election – Ballot Papers

You should by now have received your ballot paper for the UNISON General Secretary Election, which has been sent by post to your home address. The General Secretary of UNISON leads the union day to day, along with the Presidential team who are elected by the NEC (who in turn are elected by members). So […]

Poem for the Friendship Festival 2020

For the 2020 Unison Birmingham Branch Friendship Festival we had to go virtual due to the ongoing government restrictions and the safety of our members. So we could still reach out to our members and offer a snippet of what would have been available this Summer a virtual Friendship Festival featuring music, tai chi and […]