Why reform of the Gender Recognition Act is essential (Blog)

Jenny Harvey is a member of UNISON’s trans network, part of the West Midlands regional LGBT+ group and a member of UNISON’s health service group executive. Here, she explains why reform of the Gender Recognition Act is long overdue. Just for a little while during lockdown, the cacophony from UK’s anti-trans media quietened. A few […]

Lockdown has awoken the sleeping giant in our workplaces: union power

With a surge in membership under way during the Coronavirus crisis, this is a once-in-a-generation chance to build unity. Unison Birmingham Branch is mentioned in the below article, for our Home Care Workers strike – and the power it brought to the members. We can bring our workforce together, and ensure a fair working environment […]

International Workers Memorial Day

International Workers Memorial Day takes place every 28th April, commemorating those killed and injured by work. This year all the usual hazards have been added to by Covid19, so IWMD in 2020 will be a perfect opportunity to raise relevant current issues and get the word out as widely as possible. Please do as much […]

Mental Health – Mindfulness Colouring

Mindfulness techniques such as colouring are a great way to help de-stress, and wind down after a long day at work and to retain a positive mind and good mental health. Its also a great activity to do with children. If you are home schooling, get the kids involved and show support to our services […]

BCC Vulnerable Residents Support Helpline

Birmingham City Council has launched an emergency response hub to ensure access to support is available. This is for the most vulnerable citizens in the city who have no assistance from family or friends and need help from voluntary organisations and community groups for support, which may be provided by the council or the voluntary […]

International Women’s Day 2020

On Saturday 7th March, the Branch Women’s Self Organised Group held our International Women’s Day event. It was a wonderful celebration of Women, sisterhood and what we can achieve as women; With great speakers and questions from the attendees the feeling in the room was positively unexplainable. It was incredibly empowering and a very friendly, […]

World Book Day at Birmingham Branch

For World Book Day some of Birmingham Branch’s Officers and Senior Stewards dressed up to raise money for Cancer Research, so the fun costumes were all for a good cause. We had a Cat in the Hat, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Little Red Riding Hood and Pocahontas as well as a visit from Dr […]

Low Cost Christmas Ideas

Christmas is an expensive time of year for all, and this often leads to lots of pressure to buy items outside of our budgets, there are lots of different ways to get good deals on items as well as going low cost for some items and sharing some of the responsibility too – for example, […]

Mental Health at Christmas

Christmas time is often a great bringer of joy to many, but it can also be a really lonely time for some. During this period there can be worries about money, spending time with people who don’t always make you feel at your best and sometimes Christmas may be a time we feel loss most. […]

The Amazon Is Burning

You may have seen in the news that the Amazon has been burning at a rapid rate. This is heart breaking for the planet and will no doubt have an effect on our ecosystem. The Amazon is a wet jungle, which means that it should not burn but over the last decade, vast areas of […]